Karthi Demands Justice For Pollachi Case


After hanging the four Nirbhaya convicts this morning, the people all over India have reacted emotionally to this incident. While some are pleased with the judgement, some are mourning over the delay occurred in the verdict.

In this context, actor Karthi has also responded via Twitter saying, “Finally justice for Nirbhaya after 8 years. Wondering how long it will take for the Pollachi case to find justice. It’s been a year already. Hope we don’t forget the lessons we learned from it! Always stay safe. #NirbhayaCase.”

Now, this tweet of Karthi has become sensational and reminded the Pollachi case again to people. Pollachi case happened a year ago in which a few hundred women have become victims for an organised sexual racket.

With this tweet, Karthi has questioned the delay in the judiciary system and wished for a fast justice in the Pollachi case.

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