Karthika Deepam Outperforms Bigg Boss


There is no denying to the fact that Bigg Boss is the most followed non-fiction reality show on the Telugu television. But it is falling flat when compared to the daily soaps that are being telecasted in various channels. For example, popular TV serial Karthika Deepam is garnering more TVRs than Bigg Boss every day.

While Bigg Boss launch episode got a TVR of 17.9, Karthika Deepam’s rating was about 18.36. Even the weekend episodes hosted by Nagarjuna are only managing to earn about 12-13 TVR ratings while Karthika Deepam is easily managing to get the rating of 15.44. This shows the popularity of the serial among the audience.

If we consider the overall BARC impressions from July 27 to August 2, Karthika Deepam stood in the top position with 15247 points and it is followed by Koyilamma (8719), Vadinamma (8047), Mouna Ragan (7919) and ETV News (5511). This proves that no matter how much money you spent on a show or a serial, at the end of the day it is the content which audiences look out for and if you have good content then it will definitely get a massive following.

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