Kaushal Faces Backlash For Hospital Video


Kaushal Manda kept making headlines for all the wrong reasons ever since he entered the Bigg Boss house. He won against his haters by bagging the Season 2 title but negativity has only kept growing.

Recently, Kaushal informed about his Wife Neelima planning to undergo a survey as a preventive measure to avoid the possibilities of cancer. Many assumed it could be just another publicity stunt or an attempt to deviate public from the Kaushal Army Controversy.

Guess, What Kaushal did now? He shared a live video siting beside the hospital bed on which his Wife was in an unconscious state. He informed that Neelima is recuperating well after the surgery and thanked everyone for the best wishes.

Hospital Video of Kaushal Manda has drawn flak. Netizens opined Kaushal behaved in an insensitive manner by exposing a patient, even though she is his wife. Few People opined Kaushal shouldn’t have done it when she was in an unconscious state.


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She is feeling better now..Thank you all for your prayers..Love u

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