Kidney Transplant? Rana’s Epic Reply!


Rana Daggubati underwent a makeover for his Bollywood Flick ‘Haathi Mere Saathi’. People wondered if he is facing any health issues watching him look lean. And the speculations when to the extent of kidney transplantation in United States. The Actor has clarified he was in US for the pre-production work of his upcoming flick ‘Hiranyakashyapa’ not for any surgery.

When a follower commented, ‘You look too thin..’, Rana replied: ‘Can’t look like a monster all the time’.

When another follower enquired about surgery, Our Macho Actor advised his fans not to read such false stuff.

Twitterati questioned why don’t Rana think about suing the Media House which had come up with a special story on his kidney transplantation. The ‘Baahubali’ Actor opined they too had to make a living even though such rumours are like pain in the a**.

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