Koratala Requests These People To Be Responsible


The troubles for the filming of Megastar Chiranjeevi’s ambitious project with director Koratala Siva seems to never end. It is said that Director Koratala Siva is planning to be a script advisor to a famous production house now. Siva has lost two years of his most productive work for just one film with Megastar Chiranjeevi. Let alone the movie troubles, Koratala who is famous for his social message films is showing his impact for a good cause in real life too.

The Director has urged all the fans and citizens to be more responsible and help fellow citizens by opening up if they are suffering from Coronavirus. It is evident that many are hiding that they are suffering from Corona and thus spreading it irresponsibly. It is high time we act as responsible citizens. Live and let live, said the maverick director.

Sources said that unable to be idle the star director has approved to be script advisor and thus he would get a royalty income and profit percentage when the projects release!

On the film front, Koratala is gearing up to resume the shoot of Aacharya and also penning other scripts and has become a multifaceted talent for Telugu Film Industry!