Koratala Searching Alternative For Charan?


We are fully aware that Ram Charan is doing a special role in Megastar’s Acharya film. Since from the inception, mega fans are eagerly waiting to witness the mega father and son duo sharing the screen. However, now it is heard that this crazy combination may not be possible amid lockdown consequences.We know that Ram Charan is playing the lead role in Rajamouli’s RRR. By doing this, he accepted to act in Acharya. So, in present conditions, Ram Charan’s first priority will be RRR than Acharya.Moreover, four months have been wasted making a dealy to reach the deadline. Considering all these Rajamouli may not allow Charan to join the sets of Acharya.Once the regular shoot of RRR starts, the stars in the film will turn busy as the director wishes to wrap the shoot quickly. On the other hand, Koratala can’t wait until Charan completes his schedules in RRR.

Waiting for him may lead to more delay in finishing their project. So, Koratala is searching for another suitable actor to fit in the role substituting Ram Charan. However, there is official confirmation on this yet, but the news is doing rounds on social media.

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