Kousalya Krishnamurthy Also Failed Like Shankar Dada Zindabad!


Kanaa has become a blockbuster in Tamil introducing Sivakarthikeyan as a producer and he did the role of cricket coach as well, in the movie.

Aishwarya Rajesh could deliver one of her career best performances as an actress and she did get a boost after Vada Chennai with Kanaa.

But the same film, remade as Tam-Tel dub-remake, Kousalya Krishnanamurthy failed to entertain audiences. It was the big release of last weekend but it failed to see the weekend through as well.

Single screens occupancies in rural areas even with a farmer’s theme is less than 15% on Monday for morning and matinees.

In Cities, the occupancy rates are close to 20% in Multiplexes and below 17% in single screens. During the weekend, it had occupancies ranging from 35% to 50% all over Telugu states.

Movie is not promoted as well as it should have been as the music could have been hit in Telugu too. Critics did not pan the movie but criticised second half dubbed portions.

Similar kind of attitude was seen while remaking Lageraho Munnabhai as Chiranjeevi’s Shankar Dada Zindabad and the actor plunged into politics after the failure of the film.

Even though Bhimaneni Srinivasa Rao is known for remakes, he just couldn’t handle the movie as well the original writer and director in Tamil.

Guru got it right, in using Tamil portions from Irudhi Sutturu seemlessly in Telugu and original director could present the film, well.

Moral of the story seems to be that, the producers and directors should stop using other language original visuals in remakes or at least they should not take audiences for granted by dubbing major portions.

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