Krishna and his Leela The First OTT Hit In Telugu


The demand for content on TV, OTTs has surged double the need and all the platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime and Disney Hotstar are desperately adding content to help their audience.

Recently the direct release on OTT trend started in the down south too. A small film ‘Amrutha Ramam’ released on Zee5. The film didn’t have stars and proper content to pull the audience and thus remained a flop on the OTT. With this dud experience, Penguin followed the same way with average talk raising a low opinion on direct OTT releases!

But now one Telugu film produced by Rana titled ‘Krishna and his Leela’ that released without much fanfare and promotions on OTT has become the first hit in the recently released OTT Telugu films. This way it marked an opinion that content is king anywhere either big or small screen.

The film is directed by Perepu Ravikanth of ‘Kshanam’ fame. The film stars Siddhu Jonnala gadda, Shraddha Srinath, Shalini and Seerath Kapoor. The fresh content and youthful subject is receiving positive talk on social media and thus earned the hit status. Many felt that it would have been released in theaters itself and would have made big bucks then!

The film got delayed many times in its theatrical release and strategy of stalwart Suresh Babu didn’t work and thus opted Direct OTT release!

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