Lady Superstar Leave Megastar Waiting?


Some people tend to add masala to a situation to increase the drama in a simple news story too. Everyone has their own presentation, we don’t have any kind of enimity with any person.

But when you can understand and tell the reality of the situation, you don’t need any masala. You can just tell the truth.

Few are trying to spread negativity on Nayantara, who grew to a status of Lady Superstar in Tamil. She mentions in every film contract that she will only promote a film if that is entirely necessary.

She normally doesn’t agree to be part of extensive promotions and does go for promoting a film if she is the only person who can bring some buzz for it.

Even then, she gives one or two interviews and doesn’t go around states to talk about the film. She clearly mentions to the interviewers beforehand that she won’t talk about any personal issues or controversies as well.

So, Megastar Chiranjeevi did not wait for Nayantara to join him for promotions of Sye Raa and none of the team Sye Raa were looking for her to promote it, either.

They have Vijay Sethupathy for Tamil audiences, Kiccha Sudeepa for Kannada, Farhan Akhtar, Ram Charan for Hindi and Megastar Chiranjeevi himself for Pan-India promotions. We don’t think Nayantara needs to be blamed in this scenario.

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