Latest Fashion Trend: Hot Celebs In Organza Sarees


Traditional Indian wear will never go out of fashion and Organza sarees are back in trejd now.

Beautiful printed sarees are called Organza sarees and we can see here right from Kareena Kapoor to Alia Bhatt to Priyanka Chopra to Samantha, all are going for those sarees.

Samantha went for a similar saree like Kareena Kapoor and she got her film title Jaanu printed on it.

Katrina Kaif got beautiful multi-color design pattern on black lehenga and that looks gorgeous on her.

Alia Bhatt’s red saree and Anushka Sharma’s green ones also look gorgeous, stunning. Priyanka Chopra’s one doesn’t look as good as the others but it is beautiful too.

We have Kangana Ranaut and Trisha also in such beautiful sarees here. The latest trend seems to bring back old retro styles back in fashion and we are not complaining, in fact complimenting the beauty. How can we not, when they all look so stunning.

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