Lavanya Files A Police Complaint About False News On Her!


A person named Sunisith is making controversial statements on Tollywood celebrities from the past few days. He gave interviews to a few Youtube channels and his comments became a hot topic on social media. He stated that some people cheated him, grabbed big offers from him and went on to become stars. He was named sarcastically as ‘Sacrifice Star’ by the people. He even told that he had romantic relations with actresses Lavanya Tripathi and Tamanna Bhatia.

Not stopping there, he went on to say that he married Lavanya Tripathi secretly in 2015. He added that they got separated due to some differences which is why he deleted all the pictures of them together. He even said that Lavanya underwent abortion three times. These videos went viral on social media and heroine Lavanya Tripathi recently filed a complaint on Sunisith at the Cyber Crime Police Department. She accused him of spreading false news to everyone. She said in a mail that all the things he said were nothing but fake news. Now, the police stepped in and started searching for Sunisith. Also, complaints were registered on the Youtube channels who interviewed him. The police are questioning those channels right now.

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