Actress And Her Never Ending Pics Treat


The long-legged beauty of Tollywood, Lavanya Tripathi has learnt the trick of making her fans go crazy with her looks. She has been constantly sharing her sultry looks and is just setting the temperature high!

She is just waiting for a golden chance to resurrect her falling Telugu Cinema career. It is evident that she started with small films and landed in big movies and later missed the big league!

Now the actress has shared a sulteyvpic of her giving us the thigh treat. In the picture she can be seen sitting in a long wooden chair and has worn only a Long Jacket with short shorts that are not visible but her figure and her lips make the do!

The actress would be seen as a hockey player in the sports outfit for the film A1 Express produced by Sundeep Kishan who is also playing a crucial role in the film. It is said to be a different love story.