Lip-Locks In Dear Comrade…A Top Secret!


Lip-locks of Vijay Deverakonda and Rashmika Mandanna drew all the attention. Even the Makers had deliberately highlighted the intimate moments of the lead pair in the promos.

When asked about the kissing scenes, Vijay Deverakonda advices people to see it as the expression of love between two characters.

To the question if the lip-locks are a camera trick or real, Rashmika Mandanna replied: ‘That’s a top secret’. She added, ‘Gone are the days people will be satisfied with showing couple go behind the trees or shaking branches in the romantic scenes’.

Rashmika conveyed that Lead Pair has to behave like real lovers to make the viewers connect with their characters. It’s like holding the audience responsible for taking the romance to the next level. How many lip-locks could the Movie Buffs expect from ‘Dear Comrade’? Just 2 More Days To Go!

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