Loopholes In CCC Taken To The Notice Of Chiranjeevi


Due to the lockdown, a lot of daily workers in the film industry lost their employment and at the time of crisis where people are starving due to lack of money, a committee named ‘CCC’ (Corona Crisis Charity) was set up under the leadership of Megastar Chiranjeevi and a lot of funds were raised. Many celebrities came forward and donated money to help people.

Seven known personalities like Tammareddy Bharadwaja, N Shankar, Meher Ramesh, Banerjee and others are the committee members and the first phase of distribution of daily supplies was done smoothly. The committee discussed about the second phase distribution of daily supplies and decided to go forward with it. But problems started to arise as they requested people who don’t require these food materials to stay away so that the people in need can get the supplies. This decision made some people angry as they protested by surrounding the offices in Indra Nagar area. These differences within the industry is shocking to everyone.

The CCC made it clear that they would be distributing these materials to only a few which surprised the union members and its leaders. Telugu Cine TV Production Assistants Union, Telugu Lightman Union, Telugu Cine Studio Workers Union and others protested against their decision and situations calmed down when the officials promised to take this problem to the notice of Megastar Chiranjeevi. We need to see how far this controversy goes on like this.

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