Madhanam -Teaser


‘Madhanam’ is a Youthful Love Story. A Youngster who remains in darkness for 14 years steps out for the first time because of Young Lady and goes through the hurdles for his Soulmate. The Oneliner uttered by Ajay ‘First of all, Introduce Your Son To Himself. Or else, You Will Lose Him’ gives a feeling that the Hero is facing a problem which he can’t tackle.

Srinivas Sai and Bhavana play the lead roles in ‘Madhanam’. They look perfect as the Youngsters in love. Background Score by Ron Ethan Yohann is good. Director Ajay Sai Manikandan kept the movie buffs guessing when it comes to the issues protagonist has to deal with for a happy ending to his love story. Producer Ashok Prasad of Kasi Productions maintained good production values. Senior Actors Sithara, Rajiv Kanakala and Ajay have done crucial roles.

Overall, ‘Madhanam’ is decent flick which could appeal to the Youth. Tag of ‘Based On A True Incident’ raises curiosity on what inspired the Makers to attempt such a subject.

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