Madhavan Faults Congress For Mocking PM Modi!


Madhavan is normally a person who reacts to news and other things only when he is absolutely sure that it needs an attention.

On the other day, Congress shared a video mocking Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s meeting with China President Xi.

He found the video crass and bad sense of humour and he tweeted,

“This is in such bad taste.What ever the political rivalry -Shri Modi Ji is the Prime Minister of this country and you are demeaning this nation in front of China in this video with such crass attempt at humor.NOT expected from this Twitter handle @narendramodi @RahulGandhi ”

Congress official handle originally tweeted,

“An accurate representation of Modi’s relationship with President Xi of China.

Twitter is divided like ever on this opinion from Madhavan too. Some are saying that we should be able to mock our leaders like how Late Night shows do in USA.

Some are supporting his stand saying that it is a bad sense of humour video. And some are mocking him for trying to be more friendly with BJP than Congress.

Well, here is the video, for you to decide!

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