Mahesh And Namrata Make Sure Kids Follow Traditions


Mahesh Babu earned enormous fame as an actor at an young age and when he debuted as lead actor, many Krishna fans sticked their necks out and called him, Superstar, rightly so.

He seems to incurred values from his parents – Telugu Superstar Krishna and Indirapriyadarshini, which many thought wouldn’t be the case as he is from a filmstar’s family.

Also, some show his marriage to Namrata Shirodkar as an example to not being a strict follower of tradition.

Well, following and practising caste related rituals can never really make one traditional. It is the values that they pass to next generation that earns them true respect.

Both kids of Mahesh and Namrata can be seen here celebrating Bhai Dooj or Bhau Beez, where brothers are treated with utmost respect by sisters almost equating them to God, giving Harathi.

This is that time of the year, where Brother again says he will be protector of his sister and sister acknowlegdes that promise and thanks the brother.

You can see Gautham and Sithara, adorably performing Harathi and such traditions are introduced majorly to develop bond between siblings. These youngsters seem to be developing a good deep bond filled with love and respect, already.

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