Mahesh Babu No More Desirable Man


The craze for Times of India’s state tabloid Hyderabad Times that runs ‘Desirable Men’ every year is never-ending! It is a kind of ranking system for the stars on where they stand in looks, handsomeness and appeal to the normal audience. Moreover, the city tabloid fetched good revenue for the newspaper with this timely change and thus it’s been continued.

Recently the Most Desirable Men-2019 list was out and Vijay Deverakonda stood on Number 1 rank for the 2nd consecutive year. One wonders why Mahesh Babu didn’t appear in the list of ‘Most Desirable Men-2019′ list. The answer is straight from the Times Group. They have this ‘Elite Membership’ and thus the members are not considered post joining the elite club. The actors like Kichcha Sudeep, Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan, Aamir Khan, and Mahesh Babu are not at all considered for this ranking as they are ‘Forever Desirable’.

The Times Group intends to build a brand and generate revenue with this kind of rankings and give ranks for the social media savvy and ever inventing individuals in the social space. As movie stars have the major exposure in society they are prone to attract the rankings but all may not reach the top spot or even make it into the top 10.

It’s time for Mahesh Babu fans to rejoice as their star is more than the rankings and he is not just desirable but forever desirable!

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