Mahesh Wants To Investigate Bank Scams?


Mahesh has been repeatedly asked to play a Spy like his father Krishna but he has been reluctant to touch such roles as he fears the budget and writing needs to be very good.

Now, for his next film, the prerequisite from his core team is that the film should have a theme about bank scams, it seems.

Namrata and her team of creatives have suggested this to Mahesh, it seems. He is okay with the line and asked them to tell to the writers or directors coming forward to make films with him.

He wants to make sure that SS Rajamouli picks him as the hero for his next but at the same time, he wants to touch all the social relevant subjects, so that the Superstar seem relevant to public as well.

How? If a star talks about any social problem, it automatically gets more attention and in return, people will be more positive about his films as he is trying to say something correct and relevant through his films.

Well, we have to wait and see, which director will impress Mahesh next? He has been listening to scripts and meeting directors at his leisure but he is not entirely sure about his next film, yet.

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