Mahesh Winning Hearts For Helping One Month Baby’s Heart Surgery


We are aware that Superstar Mahesh Babu is always ready to help the people to go for surgeries and other medical needs. Although he never speaks about his humanitarian works, he is very much active in worldly problems particularly when it comes to health issues.

As per unofficial reports, he is allied with notable hospitals to cater to the surgeries of people, especially for children. It is learnt that Mahesh paid for more than 100 heart surgeries to small children, but he never publicised his donations. He wishes to do the charity in quietly avoiding the publicity.

Recently, he helped for the heart surgery of a one month baby who was born with rare heart disease in East Godavari district. Somehow, Mahesh came to know about this and helped the one month baby. This charity from Mahesh is winning the hearts of people.

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