Malaika Arora Killer Abs At The Age Of 45!


No matter which outfit she might be wearing, Malaika Arora generates hotness quotient like nobody else. She would only end up blowing everyone’s mind if it’s her gym wear. Having a look at the above picture would only make people wish to be as fit as her at the age of 45. Those killer abs are a sign of how serious Malaika is about her fitness and what she eats in a day to stay healthy.

Someone ageing 45 wearing shorts and looking fab is very rare. Surely, Malaika is an inspiration for many people and those who follow her will lead a healthy lifestyle.

Style Statement Malaika keeps making whether it’s with her gym/party/casual wear deserves all the praise coming her way. Even her gym outfits look very trendy and pleasing to the eyes.