Mega Brother’s Challenge To God!


Mega Brother Nagababu’s tweets on the Corona Virus has become controversial since the start.

A few days ago, he tweeted that nature, the climate will function properly, and all the species will be happy if mankind perishes from the face of the earth. He said that every creature on earth obeys the laws of nature except the human.

He threw a challenge to priests and bhakts daring them to gather in huge numbers to offer prayers to their gods, and he also asked them to eat the holy food provided there. If they remained safe after doing all these then their god is great, if not the Corona is great, said Nagababu.

He also tweeted that no god and no priest can save the people from this deadly virus. All these people are looking towards scientists and doctors for a cure to this. So, it is better to pray for the doctors and scientists than praying to gods and priests Nagababu said.

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