Mega Father And son, Chiru And Charan Race To Box Office Glory!


Box office hasn’t been a big issue until 1970’s saw fight for ANR and NTR stardom that was deemed untouchable by many. They used to fight among themselves with one giving minimum guarantee hits and blockbusters with social films while other being a mixed bag.

With Krishna and Sobhan Babu, Krishnam Raju becoming stars at the box office, the necessity for even the seniors to up their game to entertain youngsters became urgent.

ANR was in better shape till 1974, when he had to go for an urgent heart surgery and his financials took some beating as he was building Annapurna Studios, in Hyderabad.

He took two years gap from films and even NTR had to see some down time with directors unable to make movies that attract youngsters and show his caliber too.

From 1976 – Adavi Ramudu, NTR and from 1976 – Secretary, ANR started again delivering big hits giving tougher fight to Krishna, Sobhanbabu and Krishnam Raju.

1977 saw NTR delivering one of the best years commercially in his career, whose affect lasted till he entered politics in 1982 with big hits every year and 1981, saw ANR breaking all existing records with Premabhishekam.

Later, Krishna took over the box office biggest star tag in Telugu Cinema, that was challenged by Chiranjeevi. From 1986, when Chiranjeevi completely became Supreme hero and game changer for TFI, he continued to dominate other heroes in collections and of one delivered a biggest hit, he used to come up with even bigger one next year.

Now, even after his re-entry he is not giving others chance to rule. In his absence, Pawan Kalyan took over the ultimate star status with a tough fight from Mahesh.

Ram Charan delivered Industry Hit with Magadheera, his second film and after 9 years, he gave Non-Baahubali ATBB, Rangasthalam. Before Rangasthalam, Chiranjeevi could come up with Non-Baahubali big hit Khaidi No.150

Now, Rangasthalam share of Rs. 128 crores will be broken by Chiranjeevi with Sye Raa. Prabhas couldn’t break it with Saaho. It seems like a Mega Father and son race to the box office glory at this moment, doesn’t it?