Megastar Chiranjeevi Ready For Next Challenge!


For entertainers every project they take up is a new challenge and Megastar Chiranjeevi from past forty years has been entertaining us successfully.

He dances his heart out, acts with his own style and charm, gives a positive energy and has fans among all kinds of population. His wide spread popularity and ability to stay years ahead of competition is a symbol of his perseverance and hardwork.

Even at 64 years of age, he is not ready to take acting lightly and he decided to go for naturopathy treatment at an Ayurvedic Clinic in Beach Resort, Vizag.

He returned Hyderabad after 10 days of treatment and along with him even Dil Raju took treatment for his back spasm. Even though Dil Raju had to return early he stayed with Chiranjeevi for company.

Now, Chiranjeevi is ready to start working for his next film with Siva Koratala. The director wanted him to look slimmer than his previous films and hence Bigg Boss star took the treatment.

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