Mohan Babu Praises Chiru And Chiru Kisses MB!


Mohan Babu has a high temper and very straight forward nature. He can’t hide his emotions and that made him look like a serious disciplinarian in real life.

But the actor maintains that demeanor for people to take him seriously and otherwise, he is a very friendly person say many. He had issues with Chiranjeevi earlier but they are now friends.

He clarified about it today at MAA event and said, “Chiranjeevi and I may have 100 issues or fights, but the end of the day, we are a family. Our kids treat each other as a family. ”

He also praised Chiranjeevi saying that everyone should heed to his advice and say good things in public and bad things privately. He remembered that he warned two comedians who said bad things about him and Chiranjeevi, before.

Chiranjeevi got up when Mohan Babu said that they are a family and planted a kissed on his cheeks. After everyone clapped looking at their camaraderie, he went on to pull his leg saying, “Chiranjeevi doesn’t talk much in front of his wife, Surekha and I know how he is in front of his family.”

Chiranjeevi too pulled Mohan Babu’s leg calling him “Pedda Nanna”, when MB tried to pull leg of Krishnam Raju, calling him “Thatha”.

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