Mohan babu Praises That Lengthy Single Take Monologue!


For Telugu Films, Dialogue King is Mohan Babu. He made a career out of his unique dialogue delivery and his films have become popular too because of the typical style.

He is known for being an ardent fan of NTR, who has lengthy monologues in his films and who is also known for his dialogue delivery.

A new monologue of 3 minutes 27 seconds, that is a parody of 3 minutes lengthy monologue of Dana Veera Sura Karna starring NTR and aimed at parodying Pedarayudu starring Mohan Babu, landed on social media.

It is delivered in the film, Kobbari Matta by Android-u played by Sampoornesh Babu. His real Narasimha Chary.

The actor said to a daily that Mohan Babu appreciated his efforts in delivering the lines that had big Sanskrit words, typical Telugu words. He also said that took inspiration from Mohan Babu and NTR to deliver such a lengthy monologue.

The monologue is slowly finding traction on social media and the movie, Kobbari Matta is releasing on 10th August.

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