Movie Lovers Feeling Bored To See The Same Actresses In All Films


It is a common thing that whenever anything gets repetitive people get bored easily so is the case with film lovers. Audience and film lovers who pay for tickets are the ones who provide revenue for films. Now they have a complaint against the repetitive casting of same heroines against their favourite stars and of course all the big films of these days. Yes, you have heard it right! We are telling about the repetitive casting of Pooja Hegde and Rashmika Mandanna.

Film lovers are not at all happy seeing the same old faces in all the films. They are requesting the producers and directors to introduce new heroines and are suggesting them to search for models from Mumbai to Delhi but get new faces is their concern.

Mostly Puri Jagannadh introduces new heroines in Tollywood and other popular directors never think of doing it. It’s now time for all the big production houses and directors to hunt for good looking heroines and bring new faces on the big screen if not the mass audience will not at all feel good to come to theatres. So producers and directors please look into this aspect too!

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