Multi-starrer Film With A Concept Of Reincarnation!


The situation in both the Telugu states is very critical right now and there is no chance that the theatres are going to open anytime soon. There was a film that was supposed to release three months back and it had decent expectations around it.It was a multi-starrer with two heroes and the bigger hero plays the role of villain in this film. There were a lot of rumours about this film’s plot. The one thing we got from the teaser is that it is going to be a face-off between a police and a criminal. Trusted sources from the inside say that there is a lot more to this film and it is based on the concept of reincarnation.

As per grapevine, one hero plays the role of a villain in life while the other one becomes an antagonist in the second life. This way, the film has two heroes and two villains with ample thrilling elements. Experts say that a film like this would have worked out had the virus outbreak not happened. We need to wait and see what happens with this film made by the classy director and a star producer now. Some are saying that it may get an OTT release but the makers are waiting for the theatres to reopen.

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