‘Murder’ :Trailer Talk


When Ram Gopal Varma says it is a family film, the maximum you can expect is a film like ‘Murder’. Based on the unexpected and the most controversial event of honor killing in the recent past, Varma came up with a film titled ‘Murder’ and he released the trailer which runs on a very serious note.

Unlike Varma’s usual films, there is no vulgarity or sarcasm in this trailer but it rather runs on a dramatic note. It raises a lot of questions about the father-daughter love, how parents can’t stop the feelings and emotions of children and many others.

This film rather looks like an emotional ride and the inner turmoil of the father who kills the lover of his daughter and later kills himself. As this case is well known to everyone, Varma sure touched many sensitive elements and let us see what else he has in store when the film releases of RGV World.

Srikant Iyengar and Sahithi play the lead roles of father and daughter in ‘Murder’ while Anurag Kancharla presented this film. Music is given by DSR while this film is written and directed by Anand Chandra.

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