Murugadoss Admits That His Predictions Went Wrong


Fans of Mahesh Babu can neither forget nor forgive Murugadoss. They thought that ‘Spyder’ would make their matinee idol into a South Indian Superstar but Murugadoss turned it into one of the biggest setbacks in Mahesh’s career. Two years after that disaster, the star Tamil director finally speaks about why the film failed.

He said that Mahesh was already a huge star in Telugu while he is completely new to Tamil audience. He added that he made ‘Spyder’ with fewer hero elevations keeping in mind the Tamil Nadu audiences but his predictions went wrong as it failed badly in AP and Telangana as Mahesh’s fans were completely disappointed with the film’s output.

This is not the first time Murugadoss has let down the Telugu audience. His ‘Stalin’ with Chiranjeevi too disappointed Mega fans during the time of release.

Murugadoss stated that he still has that pain inside him about ‘Spyder’ and will attain peace only after delivering a blockbuster with Mahesh Babu. Though his intention may be good, it is highly unlikely that Mahesh gives him another chance.
On the other hand, Murugadoss’s upcoming film ‘Darbar’ starring Rajnikanth and Nayanthara in the lead roles is hitting the screens on 9th December with huge expectations.

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