Nag – Send Amala & Sam Into Bigg Boss If You Can!


Swetha Reddy convened a press conference to react on the latest development of the casting couch controversy involved by Bigg Boss. ‘Yesterday, Sri Reddy revealed she was asked by Bigg Boss Creative Consultant Abhishek Mukherjee if her breasts were real or artificial. Actress Hema disclosed she was asked to undergo pregnancy test. I am asked how does I satisfy Bigg Boss. In what way, These queries are related to the Reality Show?,’ she questioned.

The Journalist came down heavily on host Nagarjuna for describing Bigg Boss as ‘Samskaramanthamaina Show’ in the first episode. She wondered, ‘How could Nagarjuna host the same show he criticized in the past? Amala keeps talking about protection of pets. Bigg Boss Management is treating Women worse than that of animals. They should make porn films and release them on YouTube instead of doing such activities in the name of reality show.

Bigg Boss has been treating Contestants in a disrespectful manner and playing with their emotions. If Nagarjuna does anything for money, I dare him to send Amala and Samantha into Bigg Boss House. In that way, They could earn much more money. Does Nag don’t have social responsibility? He is holding press meets for ‘Manmadhudu 2’ promotions, Justifying liplocks at the age of 60 and Promoting himself as a youngster.

Why didn’t he respond on issue raised by us so far? How much bank balance does he want? How dare to describe the controversy as ‘Gali Budagalu’? Why did Bigg Boss Management apply for anticipatory bail if they haven’t done anything wrong? You will see how this movement gets intensified and what our OU Brothers gonna do in future’.