Nag Wants Great Action Sequences


Tollywood’s veteran actor Nagarjuna is now acting in the movie ‘Wild Dog’, directed by Solomon Ahisore and is almost in the finishing stage of the shoot. Actually now Nagarjuna is said to be very concerned about content-driven films and his Wild Dog itself is a big example. The actor is now all set to try different films and content backed roles. On the latest the ace actor is now in talks with Gaurda Vega director for a thriller that has the role of a Chief Security Officer.

Now Nagarjuna has asked the Director to come up with great action scenes like that of his previous film PSV Garudavega. The actor insisted Praveen to excel way better than his hit film in action scenes and thus prove his mark. Only official announcement is awaited for Nagarjuna-Praveen Sattaru film.

It is evident that whenever Nag tried things differently, majority films became trailblazers and became BoxOffice hits. Let’s hope he continues the journey and becomes a wannabe senior actor down south!

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