Naga Shaurya Shifts His Base In Fear


Actor and Producer Bandla Ganesh has tested positive for Corona and this news has shocked the Telugu film industry the most. Just few days back the producers wanted to resume shootings but with an industry person affected the producers may just lay back few more months. Bandla Ganesh is said to have become asymptomatic but still tested positive. The people who met him in these days are feeling worried. Actor Naga Shaurya who lives in the same gated community as Bandla Ganesh in Hyderabad is said to have shifted his base immediately after hearing the news to save himself from Corona.

It is evident that already senior actors are not at all showing interest to presume shoots as per their age and Corona cases surging like never before.

Many news sources say that it is difficult for the Movie Industry to resume work in this year and most probably until the end of the year.

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