Nagababu’s Worst Experiences As Jabardasth Judge


Nagababu opened up on the worst experiences he had with Jabardasth Management in the past 7-and-a-half-years. Take a look at the points raised by him…

Team Leader Venu was attacked by the Members of a Community complaining that skit performed by him hurt their sentiments. Myself and other Contestants extended our support to Venu and condemned the attack. Lack of any sort of support from either ETV or Mallemala pained us a lot. In addition, Few restrictions were imposed on the content. After that incident, Other Contestants were scared a bit but I managed to instill confidence in them by offering encouragement.

According to Mega Brother, Mallemala Entertainments functions in corporate style (Focusses only on content, not on emotions or problems of the contestants). Punch Prasad was hospitalised due to kidney ailment and he had to undergo transplantation. Then, I arranged a meeting with Direction Department and Team Leaders to raise funds. All of them donated 1 day salary and I myself offered 3 days salary for the cause.

Another important aspect that pained Nagababu was the quality of food served on the sets of Jabardasth. He doesn’t mind saying that the standards had fallen drastically in the recent years.

Nagababu claimed to have always focussed on offering the moral support to the contestants of Jabardasth. He recalled incidents when Contestants were invited to his room for offering them encouragement to perform better.

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