Namitha Teaches A Lesson To Filthy Guy


Senoir actress Namitha taught a lesson to a filthy guy who harassed her as a Porn star on social media. Namitha who sizzled with her glamour in films down south has become a huge star and demi-goddess, especially in Tamil Nadu. The youth down south used to adore her glamour and dream of her as a sexy queen.

Considering her on-screen image, a guy named Senthamizh Smith started texting her on Instagram and addressed her as an ‘item’ and went on saying that he has videos of her porn films. Knowing that she never acted in them, Namitha demanded him to publish them which didn’t happen.

Namitha at last found this fickle-minded guy and exposed him on her Instagram page saying, “this is the face of a loser, a cheap minded, filthy person, who thinks he has the right to call any Woman, with any cheap and dirty names, just because he thinks He Can!!!! Why should I listen to this?! Just because I’m in Media?! Just because I’m in a Glamour Industry?! You think you know me?! You think you know who I’m as a person??! DO NOT MISTAKE MY SILENCE FOR MY WEAKNESS!!”

“A Real Man knows how to Respect a Woman, Any Woman from Any path of life, for he knows how it feels if someone will Disrespect his own Mother! Instead of Celebrating Navratri where you pray to Goddess Durga for 9 days and instead of Celebrating Women’s Day, learn to respect women in your General Life. Because that’s what matters at the End of the Day!!”

Well, Namitha has done a great job teaching a befitting lesson to the fickle-minded guy, if actresses are this courageous there will be a decrease in these kind of online harassment. Wish other actresses follow suit!

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