Nani Pins Hopes On Bank Robbery for Second Time


Director Vikram K Kumar is known for coming up with entertaining subjects at the box-office. The director has now teamed up with Natural Star Nani for an exciting project titled Gang Leader. The film’s teaser generated a lot of curiosity already where we can see glimpses of Nani leading a gang of five women in committing something secretly.

The sources close to the film unit revealed that this gang will attempt a bank robbery in the movie which is a game-changer in the story. The consequences of Nani being a part of this along with the team is said to be driving the story forward, especially in the second half. Unlike the typical bank robbery scenes that we see in Telugu cinema, the episode in Gang Leader is said to have designed in a comical yet engaging manner.

This is not the first time that Nani pinned hopes on such a sequence. Earlier, Nani became a part of the movie D For Dopidi in its production and this movie also runs around a bank robbery theme.

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