Nani To Make Up For Using Chiranjeevi’s Title!


Mega fans weren’t pleased to hear that Nani is using Gang leader title and they threatened the makers to boycott the film if they continue using the title.

They wanted it to be used by Pawan Kalyan or Ram Charan but not other heroes.

Gang leader is a commercial cult classic for Mega fans and a huge blockbuster for Chiranjeevi at the start of new decade, 90’s. Now, the team Nani’s Gang leader is looking to control the damage.

Nani wished Megastar Chiranjeevi on his birthday and even released a special poster alike Gang leader’s old poster.

Now, at the press meet of the film, he announced that they have a small tribute in the film to Megastar and Gang leader that mega fans will like and enjoy.

Well, the actor and the team confirmed that their film will release on 13th September without fail.

Still, after all the efforts of the team, it may see some negativity from Mega fans as it is releasing against Varun Tej’s Valmiki on the same day!

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