Nani’s Offensive Comedy Creates Controversy


Gone are the days when the filmmakers have used gay comedy scenes to entertain the audiences. After section 377 got scrapped in India, same-sex love is being considered as a norm and not a taboo. In this age, it is sad to see filmmakers resorting to such lame comedy scenes.

Yes, we are referring to the Nani and Vennela Kishore sequences in the film Gang Leader. AS it is directed by acclaimed filmmaker Vikram K Kumar, the audience will watch with certain expectations and this gay comedy scene between both the actors literally makes the audience uncomfortable.

Rather than generating laughs, it is cringing the audience to an extent. Even the multiplex viewers couldn’t handle the humor in it. As popular celebrities, both Nani and Vikram should have thought twice before adding these scenes. It doesn’t help the story in any which way and we feel like it was induced forcibly. That is the only troubling part in this rather smooth film. Anyways, it is quite sad to see popular celebrities resorting to such humor.

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