Nani’s Tactics Stopped By Indraganti!


‘Jersey’ is a very special film and Nani really deserves an award for his impeccable performance. But it is a cost failure as per trade analysts. Nani’s next film ‘V’ is his 25th film and buyers are trying to recover their losses through this film. But it is not just Nani’s film as Sudheer Babu is also the lead in this flick.

In the meanwhile, there is a talk that Sudheer Babu is not given equal prominence during promotions. Trusted sources claim that Nani ordered his PR team to promote ‘V’ as his film, not a multi-starrer. These is the reason behind the hashtag ‘#NaniVTeaser’ that came up at the time of teaser release as per reports. Upset by this, Sudheer Babu reported this to director Mohan Krishna Indraganti. The director ordered to give equal importance to both the heroes. With Indraganti being the guide for introduced Nani to the industry, Nani reportedly became silent.

Though Nani is a star hero, Sudheer Babu has the backing of Mahesh’s fans. That is why Sudheer’s films open to good numbers on the first day despite their result. So, he shouldn’t be ignored. Let us see if Nani and Sudheer impress us on March 25th or not.

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