New Twist In Director-Actor Feud


The fallout between the young actor Naga Shaurya and director Venky Kudumula has become a hot topic then. Naga Shaurya who introduced the director with ‘Chalo’ has criticized the director to the core in a way that cannot be put in words. He made severe allegations against Venky saying that the story was written by himself but he didn’t take credit. He added that the director even sold the car gifted by Shaurya’s mother and this feud continued until the release of ‘Bheeshma’.

Naga Shaurya is now a synonym of hot-headedness in Tollywood. Earlier he made an allegation against actress Sai Pallavi that she has a big attitude and even skipped the promotions of their film ‘Kanam’. When asked the same to Sai Pallavi, she just smiled and even appreciated the actor’s work.

Venky Kudumula now heaped praises on Naga Shaurya saying, “He has made me a director by establishing a production house for the sake of me. Now I do not feel any enmity with him and it is his own perception regarding the story credits of ‘Chalo’.” Actually Venky’s latest film ‘Bheeshma’s success itself proved his talent and answered a whole lot of questions in the feud!

It remains to be seen how far this young actor mends his behaviour as humbleness and discipline alone survives in the film industry!

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