Nick Jonas Gets a Taste Of His First Bollywood Holi Party!


Holi is celebrated on a whole new level in North India. Add a bit of Bollywood glamour to it and you end up witnessing one of the best celebrations of Holi. Recently, the Ambani’s threw a Holi party much prior to the actual festival. The entire Bollywood was present at the party and looks like they were having the time of their life playing with colours.

But it was the American pop singer and Priyanka Chopra’s husband Nick Jonas who enjoyed the most. The couple flew down from LA to Mumbai for the event and looks like he enjoyed the festival. The flow of colours with some proper desi beats at the background made it perfect. He took snaps with some celebs but the one which stands out was his picture with her better half Priyanka and sexy girl Katrina Kaif. The three of them were in full party soaked in colours which is quite endearing to watch.

Katrina, on the other hand, was spotted having a great time with Vicky Kaushal at the celebrations. Despite both of them denying, their candid moments during the party were very hard to miss.

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