Will Mega Family Do That Now?


The entire industry wished Mega daughter Niharika Konidela immediately as soon as the news of her marriage getting fixed with Chaitanya Jonnalagadda came out. The engagement will be in August and the couple may tie the knot in February next year. But some funny comments are being heard from the film circles. It is known that Mega family produced many heroes in Tollywood. Including Chiranjeevi, this family has around ten heroes in their family and adding the producers, heroines and technicians who are a part of the Mega compound, around half of the people in the industry have the Mega tag. This is interesting and it also shows the level of dominance of one compound on the industry.

Industry people are saying that Niharika’s fiance is also looking good and there is a chance that he might also be introduced as hero just like Sreeja’s husband Kalyaan Dhev. Sources say that we cannot dismiss the prospect of him entering the industry and if it happens, the Mega family will increase its count of heroes to eleven.

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