Nikhil Opens Up About His Fights With The Director!


It is quite common in the film industry to have creative differences between a hero and a director. Every film will have such issues but they don’t usually reach the public until the hero or the director speaks about it in front of the media.

During the press meet of his latest release, ‘Arjun Suravaram’, actor Nikhil Siddharth revealed that he had issues with his director during script discussions and added that they both fought with each a lot of times. Nikhil told that the director exceeded the budget limit and even behaved cruelly on the sets. But in the end, he said that the credit of film’s success definitely belongs to the director.

On the same stage, he reacted about the unfortunate incident of Priyanka Reddy. The young actor said that the people who did this needs to be given the death penalty by the court as soon as possible. He urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chief Ministers of both our states to issue this punishment to all rapists.

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