Nita Ambani Gift To Daughter In Law


We don’t have enough budget to even just give her a prize money that will be 1/100th of the cost of the gift that Nita Ambani gave to her daughter-in-law, Shloka Mehta, reportedly. Even though we can boldly announce the prize.

You will also agree with us that she is an ideal Mother-in-law more ideal than what you see in Daily serials, when you know the gift she gave as a welcome present.

Ambanis’ did not even try to hide their wealth under any pretext saying that they are simple and humble beings. Rather they did good deeds while also spent lavishly by asking Bollywood stars to parade, dance and even serve at their weddings.

All good. We don’t have any objections or any comments to make on it. But the gift, a diamond necklace just took our breathe away. It costs Rs. (before you read this, grab a chair if you have any health issues that can sprung up when you hear really really big numbers in rs) 300 crores.

It is not just some CEO’s lifetime fortune but it is net worth of several companies and profit margin of some Fortune 500 companies over a period of year to ten years to 15 years also.

If you get a bungalow and another pushtani haar (family handloom) from your sister-in-law and mother-in-law, can you even complain? Last we heard, Ananth Ambani is also taken. Sorry, girls (whoever thought about becoming Ambani bahu (daughter-in-law) after the news broke)!

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