No Major Progress For AA-Sukku Project


After getting rejected by Superstar Mahesh Babu, creative director Sukumar resorted Allu Arjun who okayed the same script. As soon as Bunny signed the film, Sukumar announced the project. The story of the film runs in the background of sandalwood smuggling. Initially, Bunny was okay with the subject but later, apparently, he felt that it is not a right script for him.

Soon, he suggested Sukumar drop the script and come up with a love story. Sukumar then started working on a unique love story and it seems that he has finished the new script now. But still, there is no news about the film’s launch even after six months of its announcement.

Every time, it is being heard that Bunny is asking to make changes in the script and Sukumar is working on the same. Is Bunny really asking a talented filmmaker like Sukumar to make multiple changes in the script? Does he not have any confidence in the director who delivered some of the major hits in the industry? Or is there any other reason which is delaying the start of the film? Whatever might be the reason, the film is slowly losing its buzz and it looks like it might get shelved soon without even going on to the floors.

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