No Signs Of Shootings In The Near Future!


It looks like the shootings are not going to start anytime soon. Few producers have tried to resume the regular shootings from August but a majority of them decided to wait for some more time considering the current state of events and the risks involved.

The producers in the industry had a meeting yesterday and they reportedly decided to postpone the shootings further. With or without the shootings, many say that the only way for the industry to get back its lost glory is to make the theatres open again. If everything went as planned, the theatres might have reopened by now but the cases are increasing at an alarming rate in both the Telugu states and the situation is worse in Hyderabad which is the hub of Tollywood. This prompted the theatre owners and producers to stay silent for another few months.

On the other side, big-time actors, actresses, technicians and others are showing no interest in getting back to the sets until a vaccine is made for this pandemic. It seems like tough times are not going to end anytime soon for the film industry.

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