Nobody Can Stop My Marriage. Not Even Corona: Nikhil


As we know, young hero Nikhil Siddharth is getting ready to tie the knot with Dr. Pallavi. The wedding was planned grandly on April 16th but the Coronavirus pandemic is creating a disruption in everyone’s life. Most countries in the world are affected by it and everything is being shut down it stop this virus from spreading.

Unhindered by this, Nikhil is claiming that his wedding will not stop at any cost on April 16th. In case the situation gets serious, the actor told that both of them will get married in a temple quietly and strongly said that there is no chance of postponing.

He added that all the shopping has been done for the big day and with not more than 200 people coming to his wedding, there is very little chance of virus infection. The convention hall is reportedly booked and the invitations are already being sent to Nikhil’s relatives and friends.

They are hoping that the virus will be controlled by then. He added that he already postponed the bachelor party and other pre-wedding programs because of this virus and he is thinking positively that everything will fall in place by 16th April.

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