Not Even 5% Of Media Reports Are True: Hero On Suicide Case


Bollywood Actor Aditya Pancholi’s Son Sooraj Pancholi was charged with abetting of Actress Jiah Khan’s suicide in June 2013. For the first time, The Young Hero broke silence on the sensational case and lashed out at media for projecting him as a murdered. ‘Not even 5 percent of media reports about Me were true. Its the courts which decided who is a convict and who is innocent, not media. Judgement delivered by the court matters the most to me. Waiting for the verdict,’ he told while promoting his upcoming flick.

Jiah Khan’s Mother Rabia Khan moved High Court accusing Sooraj Pancholi of killing her Daughter. Responding on the accusation, Sooraj said: ‘Investigation of this case is happening for the past 6 years, but not even once did Rabia Khan attended the hearings. That shows who is the real accused. Still, Media doesn’t even care about it. I was just 22 when that incident happened. I had no clue what’s happening around Me. Its not easy to get rid of the remark on Me but I am innocent. May be, I was the only one who appealed the court to order for an investigation on myself. Because of Media, My Family is getting affected. I don’t even know how to gain sympathy from public’.

Sooraj Pancholi was launched as hero in Bollywood with ‘Hero’ produced by Salman Khan. He is now back with ‘Satellite Shankar’ which is about an Army Jawan.

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