Nysa Devgn Flaunts Her Abs At The Airport


Nysa Devgn daughter of Kajol and Ajay Devgn is one of the popular star kids in the Bollywood. Rumors have continuously spread about her debut in Bollywood. Her mother Kajol has opened up on these rumors and mentioned that her daughter is only sixteen years old and urged people to give her some space. Kajol has recently shared some pictures of Nysa in which she is wearing a traditional outfit. These pictures went viral on social media within no time. Last night, she is spotted with her mother at the Airport amidst a Coronavirus outbreak in the city.

The star kid kept it casual in a crop top and grey pant and looked pretty as she flaunted her washboard abs. She has no mood to pose for the pictures as she silently walked away with mother Kajol. Now these pictures of her became viral all over social media.

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