OMG: Nidhhi Agerwal Increasing Rapes???


All of a sudden, Focus shifted to the crimes against Women after the rape and murder of Doctor Priyanka Reddy. People has been wondering why rapes continue to increase inspite of the stringent laws introduced after the sensational Delhi Bus Rape. Surprisingly, A Netizen found fault with none other than Nidhhi Agerwal for increase in the rape cases. The only crime she committed here is looking hot in a photograph shared by her on social media handle.

This is the comment made by the Netizen tagging Nidhhi Agerwal, ‘Because of people like you only that common women get raped outside. Please don’t show off your hot looks like this’.

Quickly, Nidhhi shot back at the Netizen in her style, ‘Appalled at the catastrophic thinking of this individual. Naresh please send me your address, will send you this movie called Pink. You need it’.

Blaming a Woman for the crimes happening against Women…What logic is this? The problem is in the mindset of Men and the comment made by the Naresh has only proven it.

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